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In January of 2018, our president, Amanda Bishop, started trying to get the team running. It took until two weeks before school ended in June to get the team approved by administration. In that two week period Amanda put up posters around the school and we had 20 students sign up for the team. Over the summer, Amanda presented to Magna and got our first sponsor. When school started up again we had 80 students join our team which has now reduced to 60 students. We are very proud that in our team we have 50% women and in our head positions we have 70% women. Our president, Amanda designed a creative way for the students to learn from more-experienced peers. She called it the "Shadow Program". The program works by assigning younger students (called Shadows) to a department head. The Shadow then spends the year learning from them. The next year, the Shadow takes over the roll of departement head and another student begins to shadow them. The program helps our team evolve and keep it running smoothly after the older students graduates.

Core Beliefs

Our team has two core beliefs. The first one being that on our team we have something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if someone is really interested in building and being hands-on or if they don’t want to go anywhere near the robot, we have a place for everyone in our team. The second belief is that anyone should be able to join our team regardless of their financial standing. We never wanted anyone to feel like they wouldn’t be able to join the team because of the initial fee that most teams charge their students.


During our 2019 build season it was important to us that we did not have too many people working on the robot at the same time because it could be chaotic and we wanted people to have an equal opportunity to participate in building the robot. We decided that we would have one of our heads, one of our core team members, one shadow core team member, and three general engineering students working on the robot. This allowed people to be able to build the robot and be able to do some hands on work even if, when they started the build season, they did not know the first thing there was to building a robot. Our engineering department is very important to our team because without them we would not have a functioning robot. They also design, in Inventor, the blueprints of our robot.

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Our team has programmed our robot in Python. We have done this because in our school, Python is the only language that is available to learn in our Computer Science classes. We wanted our students to be able to understand the code using the knowledge they have from our Computer Science classes. This allows the programming department to run smoothly and with less difficulties.


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Our business department consists of two streams. Our fundraising is our main stream in business and very important to our team. The fundraising team has raised over $18,000 for the year 2019. They did so by going to local businesses and presenting to them. They also received grants from FIRST Robotics after filling out applications. The business department is also in charge of our accounts by tracking all of our income and expenses throughout the year. They are also in charge of both marketing within our school and in our community. They have advertised the team to our school and community in many diffrent ways. The business team also organises fundraisers such as; Aurobots day, Boston Pizza night and so much more. You can read more about our Events in our Events page. The second stream is Team Spirit. Team Spirit is in charge of any social and team bonding events. This is done so that our team feels like a family. This results in less conflicts and better teamwork overall.


Our design department has worked on different projects for our team. They have created many different things such as; the team name, the team logo, our shirts, our buttons, and our banners. The design team has made our team merchandise unique and different every year so that it stands out in a crowd. They are also in charge of creating advertisements for our many Events. As well, design runs our social media accounts and website so that people can find out more information about our team.


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Co - President

Julia MacFarlane

Co - President

Stephania Sasu

Programming Team Lead

Brandon Cheng

Shadow of Programming

Mitch Turner

Engineering Team Lead

Erik Floyd

Shadow of Engineering

Braeden Marchant

CAD and Blueprints

Braeden Marchant

Compliance and Safety

Yoni Ney

Business Team Lead

Stephania Sasu

Outreach Team Lead

Tansue Carr

Design Team Lead

Izabel Kurbanova

Social Media Manager

Brionna Theaker

Head of Scouting

Alex Nechadim

EDI Team Lead

Dana Nepton

Shadow of EDI

Olivia Mininch

Mentors/Teacher Support

Thank you Brett MacFarlane, Flaviu Sasu, Todd Hickling and Kylie Wilson!