Upcoming Events

Currently there are no upcoming events but we are always in the process of organizing new events so stay on the lookout!

Past Events


Mentoring FLL

Sept - Jan 2019-2021:

French immersion members of The Aurobots mentor École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean FLL team, Équipe Francobotique. We help them research their project, provide feedback when needed and help them practice for judging.

Toy Drive

Dec 20 2019:

The Aurobots Toy Drive was held at a local Canadian Tire near the holidays. Here our team encouraged shoppers to donate money which we then used to buy STEAM toys from the Canadian Tire and donate them to children in need. Our team was able to raise over $355 and buy 12 toys!

Youth Innovation Fair

Nov 20 2019:

The Aurobots were fortunate enough to guest speak at Aurora's Youth Innovation Fair alongside St.Max’s FRC Team, 4343.

Upper Canada Mall

Nov 2 2019:

This event was a way for our team to share our love for STEAM while also informing our community about our team. We had projects that taught children about engineering including a robotic arm, catapult, and bridge.

Why Code Aurora

August 6-9 2019:

Why Code Aurora is a week long summer camp created by our first President, Amanda, and her sister. This year it was run by the Aurobots, we taught young girls how to code using HTML and CSS to encourage girls to join STEAM and demonstrate good female role models.

Aurora Street Fair

June 2 2019:

At the Aurora Street Fair the Aurobots had a booth showcasing our robot. Additionally, we had coloring pages for kids, buttons, banners, and much more all in order to spread the knowledge of our team throughout the community. At this event we gained some valuable sponsors and supporters.

Girl Guides

June 1 2019:

At this event our President, Amanda, and Shadow President, Julia, visited a girl guides group and presented our robot to the young girl to inspire them to participate in STEAM and potentially join a robotics team when they go to high school.


Jan - Feb 2019:

The Scratch Club taught the students how to build their own game using the drag and drop programming language, Scratch, as well as teaching the students the basics of programming logic.


Regional Georgian Competition 2020

March 6-8 2020:

This was our first competition of the season. The team spirit was amazing and we finished ranked 22nd with a record of 5-7-0. At Georgian our robot was one of the only robots that could rotate the control panel giving us an advantage for picks in the quarter finals.

Regional McMaster Competition 2019

April 5-7 2019:

Having already done a competition we were extremely excited to see how much our drivers have improved and play some new strategies we developed over the month. We finished ranked 24th with a record of 5-6-1. This competition was extremely fun for the whole team and taught us many valuable lessons.

Regional Ryerson Competition 2019

March 14-16 2019:

This was our first competition of the season. As Rookies we were optimistic and took on any challenges our alliances gave us. We finished ranked 16th with a record of 6-9-0. To gather extra points we rode our robot off a platform that we did not initially design it for but thankfully we built it sturdy and that strategy gave us many close wins.


Bake Sale

Feb 28 2020:

Our team made a large variety of baked goods like cupcakes, brownies, multiple cookies, meringues and much more! This bake sale allowed us to raise awareness of our team in the school and we gained interest around our peers. This was a very valuable method of outreach and we look forward to doing it again!

Aurobots Day

June 4th 2019:

Aurobots day was an event that we hosted at our school to raise money for the team as well as inspire other students to join. At this event students could have a chance to drive our robot and learn about the different departments that they could join. We also raised money by getting food trucks, selling our handcrafted and designed buttons.

Boston Pizza

May 7th 2019:

Aurobots Boston Pizza event was a way for us to spread knowledge of our team through our community while also raising money for our team. At this event our teammates were servers for the day.We also had a booth where by donating people had a chance to win a prize.