2018-2019: Destination Deep Space


PLUTO: As a rookie team we decided to focus on the basics, so our robot was built to place panels and cargo onto the cargo ship. For the cargo intake and output we had a bucket that can rotate placed on the top of our robot. This way it could gather balls from the top dispenser and then rotate to let the ball roll out. For the panel intake we placed velcro strips onto our robot, we would then drive up to the human player station and press our robot onto the panel to pick it up. For the output we had a piston mechanism that would push the panel off our robot and onto the cargo ship.

2019-2020: Infinite Recharge

CHEW-BOT-CA: This year we decided to take on more challenges so we designed our robot to launch power cells into the top power ports, turn the control panel, and climb at the end. For the intake and output of the power cells we had a diagonal chamber to store up to 5 balls. We had a rotating belt and wheels on the bottom to pick balls up from the floor and wheels on the top to launch them. For the control panel we had a rubber wheel that spun it and a sensor to detect the colours. Lastly, for the climb we had two hooks that would go up using an arm mechanism which then pulled our robot up using a wrench and rope.

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